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ollow all dictions givn tyou by you doctand phamacist caully. Ths dictions may di om th inomation containd in this lalt.

hom dugs a-z list sid cts dug cnt aistocot (tiamcinolon diactat injctabl suspnsion) dug – consum uss and wanings.

This mdication is purchase aristocort usd twic a day. Howv, you doctphamacist may hav suggstd a dint schdul that is mappopiat you. Continu applying th poduct tcomplt th pscibd cous tatmnt, vn at impovmnt is sn lt.

AISTOCOT is usd on th skin tliv th dnss, swlling, itching and discomot many skin poblms such as:

halthdict Austalia purchase aristocort a svic wh you can talk ta nus doctwhcan hlp you know what tdo.

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Tak th missd dos as soon as you mmb. Skip th missd dos i it is almost tim you nxt schduld dos. Dnot tak xta mdicin tmak up th missd dos.

You stoid mdication nds may chang i you hav any unusual stss such as a sious illnss, v inction, i you hav sugy a mdical mgncy. Tll you doctabout any such situation that acts you duing tatmnt.

Oth sid cts not listd abov may alsoccu in som patints. Tll you docti you notic anything ls that is making you l unwll.

Aistocot (tiamcinolon actonid) is usd on th skin tliv th symptoms many skin poblms such as psoiasis, czma, and dmatitis.

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Gnic Nam: Tiamcinolon Cam and Ointmnt (TY am SIN oh lon ah S tnid) Band Nam: Aistocot A, Knalog.

As with most mdications, this poduct should b stod at oom tmpatu. Stit in a scu location wh it will not b purchase aristocort txcssiv hat, moistu dict sunlight. Kp it out ach young childn. Mak su that any ltov potion is disposd saly.

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